Have you ever wondered "how to adult" with your money? And, then how to make your money work for you? You've come to the right place. Cozy up and settle in. We are going to talk money matters, because money matters to you!

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'22 Designed By You
'22 Designed By You

Take your vision board to the next level; build it using the MERLOT Method.

The MERLOT Method offers a framework for deciding what is important to you and helps in setting timelines and budgets for what you desire in your life!

How To Invest: Getting Started

New to the world of investing? Here is your sign to learn how to get started.

Building A Budget

Build your budget and start your financial journey off right!

Hi, I’m Lana.

If it has a dollar sign on it, I want to be in the conversation on how to manage it! In my career, I've always been known as the girl in the production world who was concerned about the cost of making production, while jumping through the logistical hoops to get it made. With my friends, I've always been the go-to for money advice or building a budget.

I'm a trusted advisor because I can understand how to function with minimal resources while also dreaming of how to get to more resources so that there's freedom in making choices.